Man Utd Are a Laughing Stock, says Paul Ince

Former Manchester United star Paul Ince has slammed the club, calling them a “laughing stock” and a “total mess” after suffering defeat at the hands of Brighton.

A disastrous first-half performance on the south coast laid the foundations for a shock win for the Seagulls, who prevailed 3-2 on Sunday .

Ince turned his eye on what he called a “shambles from top to bottom” at Old Trafford, and suggested that United were the butt of their rivals’ jokes this season.

“Other clubs and fans are having a field day at the minute, seeing what is happening at Manchester United. They’re becoming a laughing stock, and falling behind,” the former midfielder wrote for Paddy Power .

“They finished second last season, and will probably make the top four this year, but is that what they should be striving for? No.

“Realistically, their goal should be to win the Premier League. But they just cannot compete with Manchester City or Liverpool at the minute.

“If they lose against Tottenham on Monday, for example, they could find themselves six points behind City with three games gone already.”

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