They are complete players – Pochettino praises Kane, Salah

Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino labelled Harry Kane and Liverpool star Mohamed Salah as “complete players” as he struggled to compare the duo.

Salah beat Kane to the Premier League Golden Boot last season, scoring 32 goals to the Spurs forward’s 30.

Both players have scored twice this league campaign heading into Saturday’s crucial clash between their teams at Wembley.

Pochettino said it was tough to compare the duo given they played different roles, but he lauded Kane and Salah.

“They are two completely different players,” Pochettino said.

“One is more a player that plays on the side, but now is a little bit playing inside, but he’s a winger.

“But both are complete players. I don’t want to say anything against one or the other or just because Harry is my player, I am going to praise Harry and kill Salah.

“The difference is obvious. They are different in the way that they play and how they act on the pitch. But I think both are very good players.”

Liverpool top the Premier League table with 12 points from four games, while Spurs are fifth.


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