Pochettino expects Spurs in new stadium by Christmas

Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino is confident the Premier League club will be playing in their new stadium before Christmas.

The opening of Spurs’ stadium was delayed over safety fears, and they are hosting Watford at Stadium MK in Milton Keynes in the EFL Cup on Wednesday.

But Pochettino said he expected the venue to be ready before the end of the year after conversations with chairman Daniel Levy.

“I am confident. This year. I am confident,” he told UK newspapers.

“I had some private conversation with Daniel. I think they are confident. They are working hard to try to find the solution.

“I hope before Christmas we can play. That’s my wish.”

With Wembley unavailable for their cup clash with Watford, Spurs opted to host the encounter at Stadium MK.

Watford reportedly wanted the game moved to Vicarage Road, but Pochettino said that made no sense for his team.

“It’s better to play in Milton Keynes,” he said.

“I think playing the game at Watford would give the advantage to our opponents. I don’t understand why we would do that.”

Pochettino added: “I don’t care if they [Watford] are happy or not happy.

“What can we do if we cannot play at Wembley or at our new stadium? The draw was Tottenham v Watford rather than Watford v Tottenham. We want to win.”


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