Guardiola: Liverpool responsible for averting bus attack repeat

Pep Guardiola says the onus is on Liverpool to ensure Manchester City’s bus is not attacked ahead of this weekend’s top-of-the-table Premier League clash.

Sunday’s match marks City’s first return to Anfield since their vehicle was struck with bottles and fireworks prior to last season’s Champions League quarter-final first leg.

Liverpool apologised for the damage caused and condemned “in the strongest possible terms” the actions of the individuals involved.

Two Merseyside Police officers were injured amid the hostile episode and Guardiola insists their presence should not be required on this occasion.

“It is something for Liverpool, not me,” the City boss told a news conference. “The best way to protect the bus is for Liverpool fans to go into the stadium.

“Why should the police need to be there? For what? We arrive there, both sides, to play a Premier League game.

“I would like the police to go home at 4:30pm with their families, drinking a beer and loving the show. That is what they should do.

“But that depends on the Liverpool people, not on Manchester City.”

City are expected to take a different route to Anfield on Sunday to minimise the risk of repeating April’s scenes.


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