Cantona Mocks Neymar After Altercation With His Dad

While the dust has now settled on the incident, Cantona took to Instagram on Saturday to further stoke the flames as he ridiculed Neymar Jr.’s absence from the PSG side for the crucial encounter.

Former Manchester United forward Eric Cantona was involved in an altercation with the father of Paris Saint-Germain star Neymar in the aftermath of Wednesday’s Champions League clash.

Reports claimed Cantona provoked Neymar Sr. in the stands of the Parc des Princes as the Red Devils completed a dramatic comeback to secure their place in the quarter-finals of Europe’s premier club competition.

Cantona – who represented the Old Trafford outfit for five years before his retirement in 1997 – was seen putting his finger to his lips to hush the parent of the world’s most expensive footballer.

Unsurprisingly this solicited an angry response from the Brazilian, with insults traded between the pair before Cantona was eventually escorted away.

And Cantona played on Neymar’s tendency to be missing when his side need him most, writing: “Just like the barbecue, you take it out in spring when the sun begins to shine.”

Watch this;

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