Real Madrid Named the Most Valuable Football Club by Forbes

Manchester United have fallen behind Real Madrid and Barcelona in the list of Forbes’ 50 most valuable teams – with the NFL’s Dallas Cowboys once again coming in at the top spot.

Top 10 Most Valuable Sports Teams 2019:

1 | Dallas Cowboys (🏈)
Value: $5 billion

2 | New York Yankees (⚾)
Value: $4.6 billion

3 | Real Madrid (⚽)
Value: $4.24 billion

4 | Barcelona (⚽)
Value: $4.02 billion

5 | New York Knicks (πŸ€)
Value: $4 billion

6 | Manchester United (⚽)
Value: $3.81 billion

7 | New England Patriots (🏈)
Value: $3.8 billion

8 | Los Angeles Lakers (πŸ€)
Value: $3.7 billion

9 | Golden State Warriors (πŸ€)
Value: $3.5 billion

10 (tie) | Los Angeles Dodgers (⚾)
Value: $3.3 billion

10 (tie) | New York Giants (🏈)
Value: $3.3 billion

The Red Devils dropped from second in the 2018 list to sixth as Real (third) and Barca (fourth) both retained their positions achieved last year.

It is the fourth successive year that the Cowboys have topped the list – with a value of $5 billion – more than iconic MLB team the Yankees ($4.6b) and Real ($4.24b) and Barca ($4.02b), with the NBA’s New York Knicks ($4b) rounding out the top five.


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