Lampard Shocked at Leeds Winning FIFA Fair Play Award.

Frank Lampard admitted he was shocked to see Marcelo Bielsa and Leeds win the FIFA Fair Play Award in the wake of the ‘Spygate’ scandal.

Argentine Bielsa and his club were recognised at the governing body’s annual award ceremony in Milan for allowing Aston Villa to score an uncontested goal.

However, Leeds were earlier this year fined £200,000 and given a severe reprimand by the English Football League after manager Bielsa sent a member of his staff to spy on a Derby training session.

Chelsea boss Lampard, who was Rams manager at the time of the west Yorkshire side’s undercover operation in January, branded the fair play accolade “strange”.

Asked if he choked on his breakfast cereal when he heard the news, Lampard replied: “I did smile. Do we know who votes for these things?

“What happened with Spygate was very well documented, and then they got fined, the rules changed slightly because of it, I felt it was improper.

“To get a fair play award off the back of that is…I thought it was irony at first.

“It was a strange decision for them to win that.”

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