Conte Blasts Referee for Lack of Respect in Barca Loss.

Inter coach Antonio Conte has hit out at the referees for a lack of respect in a 2-1 loss to Barcelona in the Champions League on Wednesday.

After taking the lead through Lautaro Martinez in the second minute, two second-half strikes from Luis Suarez would see the Catalans claim a narrow victory but Conte is adamant his side were hard done by.

Conte, who was warned by the referees about his conduct, particularly felt Inter should have been awarded a penalty for a foul on Stefano Sensi and stressed respect for referees must go both ways.

“We deserved more. I am bitter because I have seen some situations that I did not like,” Conte said after the game.

“There were things that I did not like from the beginning, but I don’t want to talk about that. On the bench we had some feelings I did not like.

“What did the referee tell me? Nothing, he came to warn me and he said he would send me off at the next opportunity.

“Referees have on their shirt the word ‘respect’ and it is the only thing I have asked. They must respect those who come here to try to do better than the other team. Respect must be mutual.”

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