Villarreal-Atletico Not to Be Played in Miami After Court Ruling.

Plans to play Villarreal’s home game against Atletico Madrid on 6 December in Miami have been abandoned.

A Spanish court has decided not to grant “interim measures” to allow La Liga to stage the game as a decisive case on the issue of matches being held abroad is to take place in early 2020.

The planned game is being blocked by the Spanish Football Association.

The court will make a final ruling on whether the FA can prevent La Liga holding a game in the US in February.

Last year Barcelona abandoned plans to play a game against Girona in Miami because of a “lack of consensus”.

The Spanish Football Association (RFEF) and players’ union (AFE) were vocal in their objections to the Girona-Barcelona game.

February’s court case is about holding league games abroad and will come down to whether, under Spanish law, the FA has the right to block La Liga – the top league in Spanish football – from holding matches in the US.

On Friday, Madrid’s Mercantile Court decided not to issue a temporary ruling allowing the Villareal v Atletico Madrid game to go ahead because it does not want to pre-empt the February case.

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