Mourinho Claims to be the Humble One at Spurs.

Jose Mourinho has been special and happy in the past, with the new Tottenham boss now claiming to be “humble” as he prepares to make “new mistakes” in another Premier League post.

Mourinho believes he is ready to step back into the dugout, with an enforced break allowing him to reflect on the successes and failures of his past and bring important lessons to north London.

He told reporters at his first press conference when asked if he is new and improved: “I think so. These last 11 months have been used to think and to prepare.

“You never lose your DNA. You are what you are – for the good things and the bad things. I know in my career that I’ve made mistakes. I’m not going to make the same mistakes. I’ll make new mistakes.”

Mourinho added: “I am humble. I am humble enough to analyse my career, and the problems. There was no one else to blame … I went really deep in that analysis.

“I’m nobody to advise people but to have a break was very positive for me. Having the first summer where I didn’t work was not good for me. I was a bit lost. But it was good for me. I even learned how to be a pundit!”

Mourinho’s first game as Tottenham boss is set to be a derby encounter, with Spurs due to take in a visit to London rivals West Ham on Saturday.

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