8 Players Who Hate Haul Pogba

1. Daniel James – Paul Sees me like a kid, yes I am still younger but he sees me like a kid who’s not yet worthy to be associated with, he said to me “you cannot achieve what I’ve achieved before 30″ I hate him for that but I like his style of football.

2. Nemanja Matic- Pogba is a proud man and I don’t like a proud man, he is so full of himself, since he became a world cup winner he started behaving like a god in the training ground.

3. Diogo Dalot- Paul Pogba wants the team mates to worship him and if u don’t do that, you become his enemy.

4. Eric Baily- Paul is a good player but pride is gonna kill his career, he doesn’t accept corrections.

5. Luke shaw- Paul sees himself as a world class player, maybe he is, but just because he won the 2018 world cup doesn’t mean he’s better than Modric, but if u don’t say he is the best then you’re not his friend.

6. Fred – Paul Pogba doesn’t accept that he’s slow, and whenever you tell him in the pitch,”hey Paul,u delay before passing the ball” , his reply would always be, “I won the world cup being slow too”.

7. Mc Tominay- Pogba use to be my very good friend but he disassociated himself with me simply because I always say Luka Modric is better.. Paul wants to be worshipped, and if you don’t do that, you’re not his friend.

8. Odion Ighalo – Pogba thinks I am not suppose to be in old Trafford, He doesn’t want me to play there because he thinks am a threat to his baby boy martial.